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Harry Potter

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Harry Potter

I love Teal's blog post "The Phenomena," and after reading it I created a whole fantasy world in my head where I am a student at Hogwarts.

In the fantasy, my name is Lunabelle. I am in Ravenclaw. I have long, straight black hair and vivid blue eyes. My animal familiar is a short haired black cat with blue eyes. Her name is Opal, and she can shapeshift. Most of the time she stays in her cat form, though, and follows me everywhere I go. My patronus is a Dolphin, and my wand is eleven inches, flexible, and made of Rosewood with a unicorn hair core.

if I went to Ilvermorny, I would be in Horned Serpent.

I absolutely love this fantasy world. It's one of my favourite things to daydream about.

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