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Alien Implant

A few years ago I was abducted by Ets. I was meditating and feel into a dream that i was being "searched by police" and they pushed a long rod into my left ear. I awoke in terrible pain which i felt during the dream.  My son was also a newborn and slept for 7 hours which was odd because he woke every 2-3 hours for a feeding so i knew in my gut that i had been taken and implanted. Now that i am getting deeper and deeper into my search for God-consciousness I am hearing strange static like Morse code crackles in my left ear. I usually have ringing and tones in both ears but this sound is very new. I felt that they were trying to communicate with me and i  did an oracle card reading which had incredible insight into my personal situation at the moment. I also had a dream last night about my closet having 8-10 entities and i kept throwing a pen at them and the pen kept coming right back to were it was before i threw it at them. I understand that going deeper into my consciousness is going to bring about some strange things but I would love some insight on if i should look more into the implant and possibly having it removed or leave it be and see what happens. I haven't met the beings so i don't know the intention and hope they let me continue on my path the way Source intends for me. Thanks for reading!

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