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Stars and blue lights

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Stars and blue lights

So last night i was outside with my dog just looking up at the stars, and i noticed something that i had never seen before. I was concentrating on a particular star when i noticed small blue lights flowing down a current-almost exactly like an electric synapse firing. I looked for a long time and at multiple stars to make sure it wasnt just a fluke. Every star i looked at had the same thing happening. Tiny blue sparks of light travelling down a path, it reminded me of those balls you put your hand on and your hair goes into serious static electricty mode. I had an urge to take my socks and shoes off and stand in the dirt meditating on the sky, trees, and energy around me. I said my usual prayer/mantra to the Cosmic Creator and felt electrified. Has anyone else witnessed this? My husband had literally nothing to say, and hes i hope hes not starting to think im crazy.

Peace love and light :5761e0b310c4e_EmojiSmiley-04:

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