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Luke Dunne

Self empowerment

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Self empowerment


"I have incarnated in this body, i have a purpose with intention and i'm here to forfill my life mission and i'm going to do it. Regardless of what any other energy thinks, i'm here to achieve this , i know this because i have a unified field of love with my planetary mother, with the being that is the solar system and the sun and the galactic mother in the core of the galaxy. (invoking your inner castle - camelot)"

"It is the best point of reference you will have because it has a resonant field of energy and love, which becomes your point
of reference for discernment"  

"Putting hands together, from head to heart : taking the waveform opposites and bringing them together, going to the mind
and realign it to to the heart, you want the mind to get instructions from the heart ( the organic "3rd eye" - in the heart not the head )" - George Kavassilas

Our Universal Journey.pdf

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