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Luke Dunne

Is the chakra energy system a synthetic/artificial implant that was done using ancient Atlantian genetic modification/genetic engineering/inter dimensional/quantum technology in order to control/manipulate humans on an energetic level ?

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Is this GOD entity the false version of the true Universal creator/source ? Is this GOD entity: Saturn/Satan/Santa/El/Chronos ? Are his servants the The great white brotherhood: Archons/Archangels/Angels/Ascended Masters (Hierarchy) ? Are they from the organic 5th dimension or are they from a synthetic version of the 5th dimension that exists in the 4th dimension ? 

Is the rainbow chakra system organic or synthetic ? Are they connected to the rings of Saturn ? Is the pineal gland and kundilini organic or synthetic ? Is this ancient implant technology ? Was the human race genetically modified during the times of Atlantis to be subservient ?

Does this GOD entity control the religions of the world (including New Age) and manipulate people into worshipping him so they can go to his version of "heaven"( an artificaial/sythetlic/false realm within the 4th dimension (appearing as the 5th dimensional ascended earth/gaia/avalon) ?

If you were planning to control a planet and its people, and possessed knowledge of the dimensions, and had advanced technology, wouldn't you do it from a 4th dimensional level, so you could prevent true/organic ascension into the 5th dimension ? 

Is there a Saturn/moon matrix working together to broadcast fear ? Is the moon a sattellite ? Is the moon hollow ? Is there prism technology on the dark side of the moon that is used to keep people stuck in the wheel of reincarnation ?

Why is there a hexagram on the north pole of Saturn ? Why is the Hexagon/666 so prevalent in religion/society/media ? Does mathematics and geometry exist beyond the 4th dimension ?

What does thinking outside of the box really mean ? 

I am guided by intuition, or my greater being/higher self, I believe in "following your heart" and going within to find the

A fractal of the Universe, I AM

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