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Kundalini Awakening

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Kundalini Awakening

Hello all, 
My question (more so topic) for Teal is the Kundalini Awakening. I am interested in knowing what your opinion about it is and if it has any merit. Also, I would like to share my experience I had and see if you can help me understand what happened. 

I am a recovering drug addict. The first time I went to rehab I was sent there by my parents. I did not want to be there and went in with a negative attitude. While I was there I experienced energy work for the first time. I had no idea what it was, but it was something they offered there. I laid on the table and I was shocked when I felt all these vibrations and sensations in and around my body. From that day forward my experience and attitude drastically changed. 

I went back to the house where I was staying with the other women and I was full of intrigue and excitement. I had no idea that there were things that existed like this prior to this day. I immediately went back to the house and told one of the resident assistants all about it, who happened to be a Reiki Master. She was very excited for me and started opening up more to me. As time went on there the Reiki Master (Elise) gave me a lot of advice on how to improve my aura and wellbeing energetically. One day she told me that I was doing really well (she could see chakras and auras) but suggested to be even better to ground outside on the grass.

I took her advice with no hesitation. As I was grounding outside, all of a sudden I started feeling energy going up and down my arms. I never felt happier in my life. I realized I was feeling my own energy now. I was so excited I ran to my roommate and all the other girls in the house and started to see if I could feel their energy too- and I could! I was ecstatic and so intrigued to learn more; I wanted to see auras, be psychic, and feel energy all the time. The next morning I told Elise that I could feel energy and she said, “I can see that” and I asked her what she meant and she said my aura changed.

Long story short- Everyday I felt energy more and more intensely. At one point it got so overwhelming, I started to panic because I couldn’t be around angry people without getting physically sick. Then I started picking up people’s headaches, nausea, and various body pains. It was very intense at first and I almost thought I wish I never started feeling energy in the first place. But, eventually I was able to control things better and it wasn’t so overwhelming. My experience at the first rehab center made me realize energy work and healing was what my calling was. After I left the treatment center I got attuned to Reiki levels 1 and 2.

Now this is where my story really just begins. After several months of sobriety, I started getting depressed again. I ended up using again for about 6 months total before I took myself to another treatment center. This time I wasn’t forced, but I went into it with the mindset that I was just going their to get sober and leave. This treatment center didn’t have any holistic services or unique programs. After a week of being sober there, I noticed some of my sensitivity was coming back. I was feeling energy slightly and starting to see auras on a minimal and vague level. I was happy about it but did not think too much into it.

I could only stay at this place for 17 days because that was all my insurance would cover. I was getting frustrated because I felt like this place did not do a very good job in helping me figure out what my next step was. My counselor and case manager kept pushing the idea of me going to a sober living in the woods called Still Waters, but I was ready to go home and have all the comforts of home (including being with my kitty) again.

The weekend before I was supposed to leave my counselor asked me to come to her office before she was supposed to leave for the weekend. I went to her office and we started talking, she asked me about what I thought about my experience and I lied and told her it was good. She was acting very strange, but she was quite the character so I didn’t think anything of it.

I realized as she was talking to me I felt her energy very intensely. She said to me, “You know, I know a lot more about energy work then you think I do.” And I was like, “Ok…” and she said “Do you feel this?” and I said, “What your energy? Yes do you feel mine?”- and she was like “Oh yes” with a big grin on her face.

She looked at me and said, “Nicole, you need to stop healing other people and start healing yourself. I wish you saw the light that you truly are.” Then she stared at me dead in the eye (while I was thinking wtf is going on this is so akward) … and all of a sudden her aura started glowing very strongly it was like a yellowish gold and I felt a surge of hot energy go throughout my entire being, so strong I never felt anything like that before. I was shaking and sweating and freaking out because I had no idea what she just did, I almost thought she was evil and did something bad. I was like “WHAT WAS THAT!!??” and all she could do was start laughing… which made me freak out even more because at the time I was just confused and in shock. I grabbed my stuff and ran out of her office. As I was running out of her office, for a split second it was like I had a brief outer body experience and saw myself run to my room in the womens cabin. I also felt like that moment, along with other key moments building up to that, flashed before my eyes, like how people describe near death experiences. I was so out of it and confused I went to my room and started hysterically crying. When I went to the bathroom it hurt to pee and I could see my root chakra, which was something I never saw before. I looked in the mirror and saw my aura and all of my chakras, and I knew something crazy had just happened.

As the day went on things got weirder and weirder. I was seeing everyones auras very clearly… to the point it was very distracting. I felt a high vibration around me at all times, to the point it was almost nauseating. Then I started seeing weird images when I closed my eyes, and I started getting freaked out. I saw being that I would assume were angels, and saw random tunnel looking things that I did not like. I would see halos around people’s heads and even chakras of my roommate. If I tried sleeping I would feel this intense energy flow throughout my body that was so painful and hot. I could not eat or sleep, and no one believed me when I told them. I thought I was loosing my mind and I thought I would have to go to a mental institution afterwards.

Luckily, a girls mother was a Reiki Master and she let me speak to her on the phone. The Reiki Master said that all of my chakras were opened (including the ones above my head) and I was just experiencing my psychic abilities. She sent me a healing treatment, which helped me calm down a little bit. I had the R.A’s contact my counselor and told them to tell her that I needed to speak with her.  My counselor came in on her day off (Sunday) just to speak with me. She apologized for what she did. I asked her to explain what she did and she kept saying, “I don’t know, I just know things.” And would not give me a clear answer on anything. She said that she wanted me to make the decision to go to sober living at Still Waters and she thought this would help me make that decision.

After seeing her again my “symptoms” calmed down. I was supposed to leave the next day and I did, but I left even more confused then when I got there. How come every time I have been to Rehab something crazy happens to me? When I went home I did my research and the only thing I could come up with that happened was that I had a kundalini awakening.

I don’t know if that was what it was, and she wouldn’t verify what she had done exactly, but I know for a fact she did something to my energy. But, now I don’t have any of the abilities I did for those few days. I can’t see auras the way I was, which was I saw them without even having to try at all. I don’t feel energy as strongly as I was, and I would like to. I think now I’m ready to have my abilities back, as long as I feel like I can control them.

SO I guess my question to teal is- What were these experiences that I had? What should I take from them? And how can I get my abilities back (like seeing auras) but have control over them so I am able to function like a semi normal person?

If you read all of this congratulations- hope to hear from you soon!

My email address is

Phone number is 1-609-933-7716

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wow.. @Nicole Prieto that is a very big and beautiful story you shared with us. Thank you! Unfortunately I personally don't have any answer to your questions but let's hope somebody does. Kundalini is a word you see a lot on the internet so I am curious too what it means.

Best wishes

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Hey Nicole, I'm pretty sure Teal already has a YouTube on the Kundalini... I watched a recent Dublin Trailer of Teal's but not sure where it was posted... Teal talked about her mother taking her to a chinese bloke as her mother (? apologies maybe my memory) thought Teal needed 'protection' from all the energies she was experiencing and because she was psychically way too open. Rather than give her anything 'protectective' the chinese man instead said she needed be be able to deal with other energies by accepting them i.e.: not resisting them, but taking them in and allowing them. He took her to a Beijing train station just before the morning work rush. Literally thousands of people bolted out of carriages and Teal reacted in horror at the energy assault. But he got her to open up and allow everyone's energies to be accepted into her, saying expand to let them fill you. As more and more energies rushed at her he kept saying for Teal to keep expanding and expanding. Long story short, he trained Teal to allow in not to shut out. From that day forward teal does not need to use any type of protection.

I have heard a lot about energy workers who need to go to houses and do energy clearing and bad spirit cleansing. I now "get it" that the only reason they need to do this is because of someone believing they need protecting. What we resist persists. Teal talks a lot about this in other ways of course - but do you get how this resonates with you? I'm not saying you simply accept what I'm saying but to start maybe a process of 'faith'. There's no better way to swim in the lake than to dive straight in. With Teal's Completion Process you have full control and the power to pull out. You have the power to say "Yes, I am really scared, but i choose to do it anyway".

Good luck on your expanding energies and i believe that what you experienced at this stage is the tip of the iceberg not the full kundalini Awakening. You have more, much more to come.


Crystal Rob 

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Kundalini energy can feel like God is on ecstasy inside of your body, and it can also feel very intense and painful.  It is the primal energy and it exists in everyone.  

I have studied the Kundalini energy for many years and have had a Kundalini awakening myself.  

The best thing I have ever been taught about the energy... is that it is the truth revealing itself.  She is a teacher.  She cannot be told what to do, so the more we crave her to come back, the less likely she will because we are then in a state of longing, and not in a state of surrender.  

So to share insight into your questions... 

What were these experiences that I had?

It does sound like Kundalini energy, but it is strange that it was in your arms and nowhere else... the path of the Kundalini runs through the shushmuna, or central meridian usually.  If it were me, I would look to what significance the arms have to you??  (in a lot of ancient lineages, they are considered an outward expression of heart energy)

What should I take from them?

Kundalini energy makes itself known... the what and the why, I truly believe, you already know.  She came to teach you something.  Make an honest assessment of what her message was to you, and drink it in!  

And how can I get my abilities back (like seeing auras) but have control over them so I am able to function like a semi normal person?

Again, I feel the longing for abilities is what keeps us from experiencing them... However, the desire to bring them back is helpful in a sense that it can teach you how to align yourself... your diet, your thoughts, your meditation, your nervous system (which is weakened by drugs), etc.  My abilities are always more present when I am "on my path"... meaning I am being disciplined, I am in a daily routine of proper diet, speech, and meditation.

Thank you for sharing your story.  Lots of love to you xx 

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