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I healed from S.R.A. and... here's how! FREE Healing.

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I healed from S.R.A. (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and... here's how! FREE Healing.

Hey Teal Tribe ~

Sorry for the short message. This is a long story, condensed for online. I am a survivor of sexual assault - like many women and men out there - please forgive the short form, again, because it's a long story in a quick encounter for all of you to see the results, as opposed to the pain. It was serious - I am a long-term healing awakening practitioner who found, finally, the key to real true healing in my life - and this resolved the handful of issues, mental health questions, and serious trauma, PTSD, and sexual fear that I was looking at most of my days - plus! I also gained experience. Finally after all this time, I'm healed. 

The perpetrators are many - too long a list to explain. They are now ready to go down! Don't say "yay" but do cry, then open your heart. Love heals! 

Love is the healing power that heals all. It is the true purpose of life - and the real identity of why "I Am" is a universal truth. Love is everything - the one and only truth that is real - and if you know that, you can heal ANYTHING - not just little things. Oh NO.... anything. Anything means a lot to people like Teal Swan and I, who have recovered from trauma and pain unlike anything you can imagine. I personally don't know how to thank you, Teal, for your work. Please, don't end this love - you are healing everyone by healing your own life so lovingly - as a beautiful goddess. I am a reflection of your sacred light and all-pervasive one truth - the only one - we are all healing in one. Tribe of love <3 time for true awakening! 

My work has been a lifelong practice of healing and final recovery that took a very short time once I realized the deep reality of love is all that can ever work truly fast and easy to get this sorted OUT - in all layers of infinite universal dimensional existence and all aspects, forms, definitions, embodiments, existences of what is. The simple truth - only one. Everything is one. In one, there is no other. In one, there is only love. Love heals. 

Thank you for listening. 
My story is not to be shared until trials have been completed. 

My art should help :


This work was done under a previous name. I now go by Amy Tanner on Facebook (unfortunately) and my friends call me a whole new name : Unity Life Avatar (I changed it recently). 

Now here is my gift to everyone who has read this far. This is a FREE course that I created for anyone adult that would like to experience true healing in the style that has worked for me : (More information found on the website - new info coming soon) :



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<3 !!

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