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Abigail Sobol

INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY: help me grow a sustainable community in Colorado Springs

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INTENTIONAL COMMUNITY: help me grow a sustainable community in Colorado Springs


It is a great pleasure to be a part of this online community. I only see one other member on the map who is in my area, but I am asking everyone willing to help spread the word that an intentional community is to be started in Colorado Springs that promotes self-sustainabily. This will begin with small group meetings where we establish goals and programs for community gardening, activities for our children, innovative sustainable tools for living, gatherings for the purpose of gaining eachothers understanding of intention and trust. My mission is to create the communal aspects of a church without holding to any one religion. All religions will be welcome and embraced along with those of no written religious practives, and these will not influence those who do not wish to be. I am seeking a core group to invest their time with me. 

Any advice or information on how to positively impact a community with self sustainable goals would be helpful. I know that this site is a great start, but there are many who are out of the Teal Eye loop who are eager to put their practical knowledge to work. I have a community to open up to however it has not embraced a structure that I see is most beneficial for sustainability. 


Thanks for reading and your input! 

We are all in this together.


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