Doing the Process on yourself

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Doing the Process on yourself

Hi guys and girls,

I was wondering if people use the Completion Process on themselves and if they have any tips. So far I have just read Teal's book and tried to apply the process on myself, which I did with mediocre results.

I do understand the structure of the process but I got a feeling that I am not taken in it as deep as I could be. I have done some NLP sessions with a therapist and they took me down the rabbit hole but my own Completion Process sessions feel superficial.
In one of her videos Teal talks how it feels like her skin was burning, but I am not even close to feeling a feeling in such a strong way in the 'emotional vipassana' stage, which seems like an important prerequisite.

I have also found that all the steps don't necessarily have to be very defined steps, sometimes they seem to flow over in each other or really just take a few seconds.

Does any of this sound familiar?


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I have come to appreciate CP as a natural "birthing" process that will take its own unique course.  I have also found that all the steps don't necessarily happen in sequence or at all.  The process just naturally flows.

To be taken in deeply during a CP session, a strong triggering emotion is required.  Teal mentions the emotion is like the rope that brings us back to the trauma.  When the emotion is not triggered, the CP session will likely be superficial or not progress at all.

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