4 Full Moons and number 44

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4 Full Moons and number 44


4 Full Moons and number 44


I have been seeing the numbers 44 and 4 a lot lately. I know there is a message for me. I have been seeing it for years and now its popping up again. I see the numbers like 20 times a day. almost like a warning.

now, last night I had a dream. I saw 4 Huggggeee Full bright moons, next to each other. They were so beautiful. I know this is a message. but what is the message?


thank you.


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Hi Noor,

The exact same thing is happening to me and it's so weird. I have been seeing the number 44 everywhere! It feels like a message or warning about something. I am seeing the number at least 3-5 times a day, if not more. I don't know what the exact message is but.. a numerologist told me that it means someone significant will enter my life. So maybe an important person is about to enter yours as well?

And about the dream, I know dreaming about the moon is related to your intuition. Maybe the dream wanted to tell you that you know intuitively what the number 4 means.  It may help to notice what you are thinking when you see the number :)


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