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Tony J

A Thank you to Teal (not a discussion)

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A Thank you to Teal (not a discussion)

I just watched Teal's Interview with Ralph from Infinite Waters. It was perfect for me at this time. Matched frequencies I would assume. At the end of the video, Teal states that she was dealing with her own shadow work over self doubt due to haters. (In a very rough nut shell). 

I met Teal at a Synchronization workshop in San Francisco and she spoke to me about on stage about self trust issues. However, in walking up to the stage I was triggered into dealing with massive trauma from when I was 5 or 6 and could barely focus on what she was telling me. Teal asked me quietly before we started if I knew how to do shadow work and that I would need to after the session. Oh, how right she was. I went through a lot of dark shadows and am still sorting through it all. I had a period where I blamed her, blamed the world, hid in distraction and denial. However, with the help of a friend and teacher and Teal's lessons on shadow work and her videos, I have made progress. With each successful bit of shadow work, I feel more empowered and more clear, though I feel I'm still at the beginning of my journey.

What I really want to say is to Teal. I am so grateful to you and to what you have done for me and everyone else you touch. At times it may be hard dealing with the nay sayers, but to those of us who are your silent followers, who don't wave signs and post on social media, who listen and work through our own issues, people like me, I thank you every day with gratitude from the heart. Love is strong. Gratitude is stronger. I am grateful. Thank you.

Love, Tony


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