New moon in Sagittarius Nov 29 2016

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So.  My main sign is Sagittarius 
My moon is Pisces 

Degree: 19° 37' People with the Moon in the same degree


New moon in Sagittarius Nov 29 2016

With new moon in Sagittarius (my main sign).  And dwad in Pisces.  My moon sign 

Do you see this a big shift for me ?

Listen to this. 

"Each sign is divided into 12 two and a half degree sections called Dwads. This New Moon is in the Pisces dwad of Sagittarius. 
Pisces is where total commitment must be made to proceed with a vision that could eventually become a reality.
In Pisces, you are encouraged to walk into the unknown, even though there is no proof that what you seek could, or ever will, exist. The experiences met in the house of Pisces are often considered to be “karmic”, in the sense that you are confronted with your past. The power of positive thinking, psychic abilities, unselfish love, and a willingness to help when help is needed is the nature of Pisces.  Idealistic, spiritual, sensitive, giving, compassionate are all attributes of the sign."



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