Does a picture of an object hold the same vibration as the actual object?

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For example if I were to print out pictures of dollar bills would they be no different than the actual bill, or is the only difference the meaning and focus I give it. Do vision boards work because the pictures hold vibrations or because you broadcast that vibration when looking at it? Not that I don't want to put in the time to focus but I'm just curious if a picture holds anything without your attention charging it. 

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I ponder this a lot: The intuition of most cultures upon seeing photography is that it takes your essence or vibration, something from you, and entombs it in the silver nitrate (or digitizes it today). I am sympathetic to that view, but perhaps only by default. I worry that "the devil" has been spreading across the planet for the past 1000 years or so and it soothes and cajoles the people into believing it's "not so bad" where it takes hold. Forgive my digression.

Thinking about the technical aspects of it, I'd think it would definitely be identified with the thing it is an image of.

I think both because the pictures hold vibrations, and because one broadcasts that vibration when focusing one's intent that way.

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