CP changed my diet

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Growing up I've always been a 2 meal a day guy, plus a little snacks. I had one either in the morning or afternoon and one at dinner. And usually the portions weren't that big. 

However since releasing some repressed emotions with the Completion Process book my diet has changed. If I stay to my old routine I now get crazy hunger and my body and legs get weak. My waist shrinks. Sometimes just a few hours after I've eaten I feel hungry again. So I've tried to change my diet to make for it. I am now trying to go with the traditional 3 meals a deal by at least having a can of something at lunch. I've also tried to change my breakfast to something more filling, I used to have 1 or 2 bowls of cereal, but now my recent routine is a bowl of oatmeal and 4 boiled eggs. When I cook those boiled eggs in the morning I also cook 4 more that I will eat later in the day as well. So far when I stick to that breakfast and lunch routine I seem to fill the extra hunger in my that I've had since doing the CP.

I find the impact on my diet interesting because it means the CP has had an undoubtable physiological impact on me and one that I didn't ask to happen, it was easier and cheaper to be on my old diet. Still that could be a positive sign that the CP has a real effect on me. I wonder if the reason would be one of:

- Since the Completion Process is leading me to "grow" emotionally or change, it's having a real but temporary affect on my body where I need more energy than I normally would to fuel this growth

- The Completion Process is setting things 'right' in me, but the reason I feel so much hunger now is that after a lifetime of 2 meals a day, my body doesn't have the same reserves that a 3 meal a day person is, but eventually it will and I won't eat feel quite as hungry when I don't eat

- This is just how normal people's diet is and will be the new normal for me - eat 3 meals, if you skip on you get weak and queazy

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I Know for myself that since I have began this journey I much more conscience of what I eat.  I'm still a carnivore and probably always will be, but I do try to buy as much organic and locally grown produce and meat as I can.  I look at our bodies as temple and we must take care of it.  Myself I have meals but do get hungry between meals so I eat yogurt and fruit between meals,  

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So interesting and cool that you have experienced these physiological changes!  When I was pregnant recently, I found that I had a heightened awareness of the nutritional value of meals.  For example, things with low nutritional content suddenly left me feeling (it was really visceral) like I had a gaping hole in my stomach... and these were foods that I would previously eat and think I was satisfied by.  Cereal was a big one for leaving me hollow, also breads without whole grains and porridge (which surprised me).  The other thing was that I needed to eat every 2 hours otherwise I would get sick.  You could argue that these were just pregnancy needs but it did lead me to wonder if during pregnancy I was more in tune with what my body needs in general... I can imagine that grazing on smaller meals more regularly might help to prevent the energy highs and lows of larger less frequent meals.  

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