An idea for Teal, what do you all think?

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An idea for Teal, what do you all think?

Hey everyone!

For a while now i've been wanting Teal to talk more about more specific (less deep) things and people (while at the same time doing her usual stuff). God bless her sweet soul and her wisdom about universial truths, but sometimes this young man right here needs something that's easier to grasph.

She can talk about something that a lot of people are focusing on right now. Standing Rock for example. She can speak on what's happening on a spiritual level in that place. The police, the oil companies, the native american communites that are coming together, other people who have traveled there to help etc. 

She could talk about aliens (i love that subject), alien disclosure, planets, the sun, black holes and so on, since those videos have become more and more popular lately.

She could talk about Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump or whoever people are talking about at the moment. 

Climate change, conspiracy theories, ancient history and the list goes on, and on.

I don't know in what format i would like to get her take on these things on, maybe a podcast format (with a secret link so we can not only listen but also watch!), another youtubechannel? a specific blog? An interview-type thing or something else?

I have lots of ideas. Anyway, imma dive down in the deep hole of Teal-videos that are way too deep for me at times, and try to manifest this!

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37 minutes ago, Mark Joseph Middleton said:

Can I ask, as we are in chat at he moment, so for synchronicities sake.

Do you have anyone in your life you can chat about this with, and not have them judge you but really listen to what you say about these sorts of topics. I don't so, I was wondering if you did, and if that was why you had the desire. I may be completely off base, if I am apologies. But if you don't maybe that's what you are looking for?

Hey Mark! I don't really have people i can talk about these things with in person, but in this case i'm just interested in hearing Teal's perspective on these kinds of things. 


23 minutes ago, Chakra said:

She does talk about this, you will mostly find her talking about these things in interviews.

Thanks Chakra. I know she talks about these things in a few interviews. I've seen pretty much all of them. But she doesn't talk about it enough ;)

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To Dear All, reading this subject:

Have you read Teals' The Sculptor in the Sky?    If you have, remember we are meant to drive our own desires not follow someone else's.

Have any of you listened/watched an interview where Teal said following a Guru to be in awe of (her), hanging on every word is like pornography. Meaning go do it yourself not watch someone else do it. Teal doesn't want to be a fawned over guru, she doesn't want to prattle about everything on all topics. That's taking people's freedom away from them - the opposite of what she's on about; you begin following and not reacting and doing. The idea is to think, question everything and based on what's important and what's your Bliss and Joy, start doing and being. The whole point of Teal's title "spiritual catalyst" is to get momentum. Catalyst means creating a reaction. The point is to stop the inertia that has taken over most of the world through the dumbing-down of humanity. And we ain't gonna do that sitting back and expecting Teal to give you everything on a plate. All Teal wants is to kickstart people into exploring their own divine control. 

So get off that computer and start contemplating what it is that energises you into action. As Teal says, "Do what you can, with what you have, from where you are". It's not much more explanatory than that. So you can vacillate all you want, keep watching Teal's videos, explore other gurus and what they say... but my humble advice to you whomever is reading this and expecting Teal to provide what you can do for yourself, is to get up, get out and start taking action. Now! The "train" is coming and it's not going to stop and wait for you. So the more people you can talk to - (it starts by walking out the door), the better. The more Joy you feel the better. You won't believe what you will find, people who have a slightly different take but one that still resonates with you until you start looking. Your vibration in just starting to do this one simple thing will start attuning you into how similar we all are.

Teal has a really good kickstart in her recent blog subject about finding the similarities between you and others. Why don't you start there? If you are stuck inside at night, the computer is a cold friend. Yes, there's information out there but the whole point is not to follow but to start to lead. Join a group, talk, interact, do, feel.

I hope this is accepted with the love and good intent that I write this in.


Crystal Rob 

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