Accidents - Is there meaning to them?

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Accidents - Is there meaning to them?

I submitted a question to ask Teal about accidents.


Tonight I decided to ride my bike to go get something and come back in time to watch movie with my mate. I usually walk and I'm kind of hating myself for choosing to ride. See, a cat crossed my path and ran into traffic away from me and got hit. He was hit in the head and there's no ER for cats here so, there was really nothing I could do for him but move him and stay with him. I feel like there should be some meaning to this.

I mean it does reflect how I'm basically afraid of making mistakes in life because my last mistake was moving far away to be with someone and it ruined my life and now I feel like I'm done for in life, there's no one to turn to for help. Just like with the cat.

I don't know if I am reading too much into it or if this is part of the LOA thing. I'm normally a bit skeptical, maybe I am reaching out for meaning where there is none. Is there meaning? Or was this just a really terrible, tragic but meaningless accident?


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Hi Callisto,

I’m glad that you found Teal Swan’s website and I’m hopeful that with time you find it to be not just one person, but a community of people, who can be turned to for connection and help.  An perhaps inspire you to find other help as well. As I read your post, I’m struck by the despair it sounds like you are currently experiencing in life. And as a person who loves cats, I can imagine how painful that might have been to see the cat hurt. 

It may be helpful to try to remember that death, and accidents, are a part of life as surely as birth. And that your empathy for the cat, and staying with him or her, is a reflection of your own self worth and inner beauty as a caring individual. Your sense of hatred towards yourself, fear of making mistakes, feeling that you have ruined your life, and that there is no one to turn to for help, perhaps all reflect meanings that you have already assigned to what you have experienced in life. And that these meanings are probably not serving you well.

I know that this may not be something you can relate to in this moment, but I believe you are a wonderful person who, at this moment, is just not able to see all the beauty in yourself, and your life and the potential for joy. I believe this because we are all part of source consciousness, and therefor it is an inherent part of who we truly are. My hope is that you watch some Teal Swan videos and start to change your thinking in desirable ways that you might currently not even know are possible.

What meaning do you think the cat dying has that is most beneficial to you? I think that is the meaning it should have for you. Death is often associated with transformation. Perhaps the meaning of the cat dying was that your life is on the verge of transforming. If you accept this meaning, the question then becomes, what do you want that transformation to look like?

Below are links to some Teal Swan videos you may benefit from seeing. I wish you the very best and hope this helps.

Meaning, The Self Destruct Button - Teal Swan -

How To Let Go of Mistakes - Teal Swan

Self Love -The Great Shortcut to Enlightenment - Teal Swan

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There is MOST DEFINITELY a meaning to all accidents.. including this one. On your body.. right-side problems (illnesses/accidents etc) equal issues with masculine_energies in your life.. and left-side => feminine. However, I will defer to others and Teal on an interpretation of this particular accident. I like where the conversation is going though... ( seriously)  :nerd-yahoo-emoticon:

Peace :)

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