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Another Synchronization (Nov24 Infinite Waters/Teal Swan interview)

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Another Synchronization (Nov24 Infinite Waters/Teal Swan interview)

This week I was reminded of the cruelty that is happening out there so I tell myself there is nothing I can do about it that I'm not already doing or have done and to focus on the good that is out there. Every part of me wanted to be there and comfort the animal being tortured and save it. Thinking back on it, it would be interesting to use the completion process and alter what happens. Anyways after changing focus to the good in the world I thought why aren't we being more proactive in manifesting the opposite to this cruelty. If we have the power to stop it why aren't we? Yeah we can talk about contrast and this is contrast but this type of contrast is way out of porportion. I don't see systematic slaughter that isn't even for sustenance or need is appropriate to call contrast. Today I see Teal in my subscription feed on youtube, it being an interview with Infinite Waters talking a little bit about this. Paraphrasing here but what I remember is how changing your thinking to not focus on it and diverting your thoughts is a state of resistance and that more action to change is needed.

Made this topic for anyone who has watched the interview and would like to make any points or discussions.

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