Positive change is coming

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Positive change is coming

i feel it, i hear it, i smell it, /u sense it all coming together.
( So many things were verified and restored in me and everybody else.  specially in teal near the end where she sounded much different than she was when talking about the US election going on.  it was spouting truth where as before it was sounding like during this time she didn't seek this information.  anywho.  hope it brings alot of awareness to you all, specially those who resonate with some or all of the videos i will be sharing after the first one )

I resonate with everything going on and alot of these three videos are deep reflections of myself and my personal life even from a super young age.




@Amazawa  @Andrea Barrett @Akurabis


@Wind @Kim @Stephanie Wintermute @CherieJ @Chakra @Alex7 @Garnet @GabijaCij @Lilia @Tessa Rae @Damon is Awesome @Micah

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5 hours ago, Micah said:

Am I really last on your list?

I just knew i forgot somebody..  i go for each one i remember next

6 hours ago, Garnet said:

@AbsoluteWave when do you have time to watch all these long videos? :D

Thanks for sharing with us!

I told you. I got lots of time on my hands.

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