Change how we eat, change how we farm

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Change how we eat, change how we farm

Has anyone seen videos about permaculture?  Restorative agriculture?  On youtube, the videos look amazing and make me feel amazing. Are these somewhat well-intentioned activities? 

I enjoy 'green gold' the most, ---"Green Gold - Documentary by John D. Liu,"   even if it's a little dated.   

But also "Designing Your Perennial Farm - Restoration Agriculture with Mark Shepard" 

And "Permaculture: Geoff Lawton at TEDxAjman"  all as introductions.  

Hope these find you well.  

Thank you~

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I've really developed an interest over the last few years in sustainable living and agriculture. I think this is very well intended and will be vital as humanity recreates itself after the coming storm. Modern agricultural techniques are harmful to the earth and are destroying the the microbiology in the soil. Fortunately nature can bounce back fast with proper remediation. People have lost their connection to nature and been hypnotized by the flashing lights and sounds of our modern world. Hopefully the new world we create will find the balance between nature and technology.

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