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I Want to Know

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I Want to Know

I want to know if what I heard of Teal Swan which is ("creating communities of conscious people") is already in the works because by how things are going right now in the world we  now more than ever need to be prepared. And I'm asking this because as I a crystal child I have wished for the day in which a new earth will birthed by the shadow of the old pain. Even though the process wil not be pleasant it will be the gateway in which we unite to help the unconcious become conscious and create a better world from the ashes of the old. Im a 16 year old who wants this communities to be created so us the sesnsitive ones don't have to deal with this alone. So in this message I want to send this manifestation to the community.

Of course I will be scared but with a sense of relief that the system that made us want change will no longer exist as change will be created.

I want to here the insight from other people.

Thank you.

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