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Tessa Rae

Inner Child's Wishlist

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Inner Child's Wishlist

What things does your inner child want? :)

Mine has a whole lot of things, but the latest is actually wanting to change my glasses. My glasses no longer match my personality... they are rectangular with pretty distinct edges, creating a sort of harsh look on my face. My face has a more rigid look on it because of this. The other day, however, I remembered that when I was in elementary school I actually had really round glasses... And elementary school was a time where I remained mostly unimpacted by the dramas that seemed to follow most people. The same things that i am attracted towards now, simply didn't have the same hold on me back then, and I believe this may be one reason why I attract these things in my life now.

I've had the desire to move outside of conventional beauty... I'm sick of listening to 'shoulds'... such as, I shouldn't wear round glasses because I have a round face. I want to get a pair of harry potter/john lennon glasses as a way to get back in touch with my roots. I think my inner child likes the idea of being able to show in my appearance that I don't care about following the conventional beauty standards any more.

Sometimes I feel like because my glasses have such a rigid design, it's hard for people to tell that I am actually very sensitive to the things that happen to me. A few years ago when I got these glasses, they were an accurate representation of my identity... I used to be sucked into the mainstream idea of beauty, and my glasses were in some ways a part of that; I did amphetamines for a while and this also created a sort of rigidness to my personality... It took a wake up call of having a seizure for me to realize that the path I was on wasn't me at all. In the past three years, I have basically turned my life around in a 180... Now I acknowledge my spirituality, I honor my desire to eat healthy, and overall feel myself moving beyond the culture that I am expected to be a part of, simply because of my physical age.

So yeah, thanks for listening to my little story. I'm hoping by embracing this new look, i'll be able to see the results I want in my life ;) After all, a bunch of people I look up to had these sort of glasses! :o 

My inner child also wants a big trampoline and light up shoes haha, and also really loyal friends who appreciate me :) What sort of things does your inner child want?

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