sophia Felumaz

dark feminine, the suppressed feminine energy

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dark feminine, the suppressed feminine energy

just wondering about your opinion, about  what is been called the " dark feminine energy". what is it?

how this repressed aspect of femininity is influencing  men and women and our society? 

how to bring this energy back to consciousness, and integrate it. 

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Hi sophia Felumaz,

I noticed your post didn’t have any replies yet, and thought I could offer my opinion. I saw an article on The Feminine Woman website that described “light feminine energy” as angelic, conservative and feels love. And “dark feminine energy” as devilish, liberal, plays with desire. Which some people suppress, but I don’t know if that is what you are referring to as dark feminine.

It is just my opinion, but I doubt the usefulness of trying to categorizing feminine energy this way. I don’t think feeling love need be at odds with playing with desire. Perhaps it is because I’m not a woman that I don’t see this, but I don’t see these energies as being conflicting with each other. Fear, (not playing with desire), is the opposite of love.

That said, I am aware that some, (perhaps most), women are taught to repress there sexuality, and to only be sexual within marriage. And even then to repress there own needs, which I think is not healthy for women, men or society. It does not encourage the pursuit of one’s desires with regards to sexuality, but instead can be shaming of any such pursuit.

I’m no expert, but I think there are many ways to bring energy back to consciousness and integrate ourselves. I’m particularly fond of Teal Swan’s teachings myself. And practices such as the completion process may work well, though I have not tried that yet myself. Below are a couple of videos that I thought might be helpful regarding this topic. I hope this helps. And I wish you the best. - Aaron

Divine Feminine Vs. Divine Masculine - Teal Swan

AND Consciousness (The Modern Day Replacement for The Middle Way) - Teal Swan -

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