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i came to a happy point in my life when i no loner can live the normal life, it is frustrating as well as im called for action, and i see no options than living for monastery, that will mean to quit everything. and its so easy that its scares me haha i have almost non attachment left, but is my next step is really a monastery? does any one else goes through same experiences? how you see your life going? 

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Its great to hear that you came to a happy point ^.^ 

If going to a monastery is the next thing for you, I bet you will find an opportunity that will bring you there. Monastery's are often bound to a religion, so that could be a bit of a bottleneck, for me at least. Live will throw many things your way that will compliment your expansion, if you stay to focused on the monastery path you might miss them. So I would say follow the flow and your happiness and you might end up in a monastery :)

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