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Hello from Idaho

Hello, I'm ili. I'm from Idaho. I'm generally peace loving, and very friendly. I came here because I had been watching some of Teals videos, just in a state of 'why not? Maybe this will help my seemingly uncurable sadness and feelings of being stuck.' The first video I happened to land on was 'how to heal the emotional body'. I cried. Since then I've been rapidly thinking and changing to an almost painful extent. To be honest, after this I'm probably going to either cry due to sensory overload (again) and meditate and try tackling one thing at a time. Maybe in that order, maybe not. I'd like to imagine that this is actually as funny as it looks in writing, but it's true. I'm struggling like crazy. I'm going to leave town soon, and I'm having issues confronting my family about it. I'm usually timid, but that is quickly changing. So much change. I hope I make friends. Oh, and also, I'm a little strange. Nice to meet you all.

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