Getting out of a hole is one thing staying out is another

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Thanks to the guidance of Teal I was able to dig myself out of a hole that I was in for years. Now that I am out of it and have reconnected to myself I started feeling intense loneliness, so I did the completion process on the loneliness with success. Even though the loneliness is gone there is still desire for support, interaction, friendship, connection etc. My family is emotionally closed off, coworkers are also closed off and I have been patient with this. Big events are about to happen and I am struggling without support.

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Hello @Chakra

Thank you for reaching out! I can guarantee  you're not alone in this! So many people i know do not recieve simple acknowledgment and support, especially from their families or close ones. I was just telling my parents today how grateful i am for their excitement for my husband's success and achievements to which he  does not get from his side of a family at all! And it makes me  very angry because this kind of feelings are very hard to compensate (if it's missing, it's missing) and as a result it can become a never ending internal battle and race. 

I wish you all the best with whatever you're doing. Believe in yourself and know that you can always come back and share your success with us here on tribe! We are always eager to hear good vibes!

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