How does one actually learn to become extrasensory?

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I remember a while back in a video I watched- I can't remember which one, and on who's channel. Teal said it was possible to actually learn how to become extrasensory if it's an intention one has in this lifetime. That really stuck with me for some reason. I actually remember being extrasensory to some degree in my childhood, but there's a large blank gap in it, followed by the rest of my life I currently live and remember, having my abilities significantly diminished. I didn't make sense to me because the gap from my birth, even to now, isn't that big, I'm only 17 years old so it didn't make sense that I had "forgotten" or "am missing" a whole part of my life. I thought this was really interesting that I lined up with that video just when I was doing shadow work and remembering stuff before that large gap, so I would definitely want to know how to go back to being an extrasensory. 

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34 minutes ago, Redbeard said:

Hi Mwika, I think that would be an interesting topic indeed!

I also feel like it's one that's not talked about at all, so I feel like I'm not the only one with questions. There's so much we don't know because we have such a limited perspective, only being able to solely experience  the third dimension. It's kind of aggravating haha, especially being a person who's constantly on the quest for knowledge, having questions I can't find answers to because nobody knows what the heck I'm talking about, or may be freaked or confused. It's very frustrating to especially live with a limited perspective when I never used to be that way.

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