Possible safe/unsafe places during the 'Forest Fire'

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Hi guys,

I wanted to share something with you regarding the 'Forest Fire' conversations in the last few months.  I've been thinking about where might be a safe place to go to. I know some people say that we shouldn't resist it and let it happen, but if that means sitting and watching my family get killed by whatever natural disaster or war might be in the future....well I prefer not to and be smart instead.

Not sure how reliable this website is, but it looks like they know what they are talking about:

Anyway Im still hopeful, that somehow people will become more conscious and choose love instead of war, so that we don't have to resort to any of this...



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You know what's kinda cool. Teal admitted in a recent interveiw that a prediction she made, that she was so certain would come to pass, hasn't yet. Because people around the globe are becoming more and more conscious. Timelines for collective consciousness are more harder to predict.

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On 11/2/2016 at 5:11 AM, walt said:

Dear Friends ~

I am a friend of Walt's : My name is Azlan White: He shared this with me. I am moved to share with y'all my understanding:

I would like to respond to this idea that the world is going to "catch fire," or be in a big world war or something. First I would like to acknowledge the intensity of the "battle," for life on earth that we are already in--and then our roll here: . . . First  a riddle: "Why are the best psychics always wrong?" . . . . 
. . . . .

The answer: Because whenever / if-ever they receive a scarry or dark vision, they immediately go about their powerful ability to change that outcome. The idea is that the only reason any "vision," like this ever comes is to prevent it. Why would anyone do anything other than prevent such a thing if we have the power to do so-and we do. . .
Dear Ones, . . . there are beings of light surrounding this earth, and all over this earth in bodies like mine and yours. We are in charge of this earth now. I ask you to be strong and hold your visions of light and regeneration for the time of regeneration is here. The visions of doom and gloom are projected by the very same sources that wish to see the dark agenda itself. It is our roll to hold another story. A story of light, healing and regeneration for life on earth. It is our roll to  see that other story through with our own consciousness and choices. 

Please be strong in your visions and choices. May the source of your power and clarity of direction be with you! Aho Ashay. Many Blessings. May all beings be free of suffering.

P.S. There is love and support pouring in from many sources, all we have to do is ask for help from the angelic realm, and light beings from the seventh dimension here to assist us here. You can ask them for help. They will not step in to help unless you ask for help. So ask away!

thank you

On 11/3/2016 at 1:27 AM, MPrado said:

Casually dropping this here:

Now we are on the verge of a third world war. Albert Einstein was asked once, "Can you say something about the third world war?" He said, "No, but I can say something about the fourth world war."

The questioner was simply surprised. He said, "If you cannot say anything about the third, what can you say about the fourth?"

He said, "The fourth is not going to happen."

The third world war is going to finish all living beings: men, birds, animals, trees - anything that is alive it is going to be destroyed completely. And your politicians are preparing for it.

The world needs to be free from politicians, only then can it be free from pollution.


Come to Chile! If you want to run away. Or Bolivia or Peru or Buenos Aires. Costa Rica is a wonderful option as well. 

this is funny, no fourth world war. all is gone pete tong. thank you for posting this. thank you for the suggestions too. 

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