I'd like to learn more about it. . .

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One of my favorite astrology sites with quite accurate predictions.

You can find lots of information here.


Also here you can find many free astrology sites and info


Vedic astrology is often more accurate than others and my favorite here.  

You have to know your moon sign, though.

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These are the two sites I basically read obsessively when I first started with Astrology:

I'd say the best thing you can do to start learning Astrology, which is an infinitely vast subject, would be to start by learning some key words about each sign and learning each signs relationship to their ruling planet and each house, and keywords about those as well.

Also trying to figure out your own Birth Chart is like trying to read a whole new language (because it kind of is one) but at least knowing what your main planets (Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Mercury) fall under in your sign and going through the keywords for both the planet and the sign will be super helpful. Understanding Astrology through yourself is the best way in my experience!

However, after you've been through the keywords I'd explore further into the nature of what they mean and where they come from. So for example, you'll find that many sites will say "Taurus is stubborn" and meanwhile that is true and good to identify it's also interesting to go further into that and understand why Taurus may be stubborn and also what is on the other side of that stubborness (for example, when out of alignment Taurus may be stubborn but when in alignment Taurus is grounded and enjoys the sensual pleasures.) 

That's what helped me anyway. Have fun with it!


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When I searched the net to know vedic astrology yogas, I found a site which has a huge list of yogas and their brief detail. Here is the link Hope you might find this something useful for you.

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