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I can't comprehend my desires

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i indeed have the same thing.  Just means to pay close attention to things, specially things in your immediate life.  and if things mean to sit back or to take part in something, then do just that.  i'm seeing how certain things play out for me right now and if things indeed go as predicted, Then just make my next move.  so perhaps this is the gateway to get closer to my family instead of how i first imagined a certain set of events to play out.  so indeed it really wasn't the best time and place as i once thought.  Seems like i was just distracted with the flashier and warmer prospects i was seeing before me if i decided to take part in them.  Still, other things were not allowing me to take part so certain unsavory events are leading to something much more colorful as my BF and I are seeing.

::-merged message:  I go through these kinds of things quite often.  Nothing makes much sense to me so I just tend to go with the flow of the next beneficial thing.  =3

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