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How you do personally increase creativity?

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Spiritual minded folk can be inclined toward being super-creative... I use meditation and quantum jumping for boosting creative expression. Or a trip to nature, find a powerful spiritual vortex place... does anyone have any other little routines or abundance of art boosting armoury to their hearts you would care to share? Thanks to Garnet for spellbinding us with prosperity last full moon. It worked a treat. 

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Great question!  I also enjoy walking about in nature as a boost to my creativity... especially in autumn.  Goodness, the autumn. <3  I also enjoy swinging on a swingset, but anytime I'm outside I have found it necessary to bring along a notepad because that tends to be where my best bits come (bits that always seem to need to be scrawled onto the page immediately).

Music helps a lot, and I'm one of those fellas that enjoys putting on fireplace sounds in the background (especially layered with indie folk music!). 

But to be honest, one of my favorite methods is to pour a little whiskey, put on my Iron & Wine album, and get a'scribbling. :)  Maybe not the healthiest method, but it sure is relaxing to me!

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