Spirit tying to communicate through TV and lights?

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Here is a little background first:

So my TV in my bedroom will randomly turn on at different times. Several years ago, It turned on after I turned it off, then i turned it off again, and it came back on again so I had to turn it off AGAIN. And again several years ago I went into my basement and was turned to walk into my living room to watch TV and yet again it came on all by itself. And a few months ago my TV in my room  turned on again when I wasn't home and my brother heard it and when to check it out so he shut it off. It had also cam  on in the middle of the night before, but i was able to keep my composure. And just this past month, my mother came home from work 2 different times to hear a noise come down from my bedroom. My TV was on yet again. So we decided to just unplug my TV and see if anything happened, but nothing did. However, yesterday as I was turning from my bedroom to walk into my bathroom, the light hanging from the ceiling turned on.... So after I told my mom, we decided to plug my TV back in out of curiosity to see if it would come on again since something else weird just happened. We were wondering if the TV would be when my mom came home from work again..... Well, lo and behold,  at 3 o'clock in the morning, I am awoken up by my TV coming on. So at this point, i just automatically start screaming bloody murder, and honestly my scream would put all horror movie actors to shame. And as I'm screaming my dad downstairs starts screaming and my mom is trying to get him out of be so they could help me and it was quite a morning to say the least...

So my question is:

What the hell is going on? Now when my mom was pregnant with me (I have 3 older brothers), she saw shadow people and the mattress on her bed would go down sometimes down like a baby/ animal was walking on it. So that is when this shit started happening. Do spirits communicate this way? And if so, i have no idea what they are trying to tell me :/

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Spirits can and will communicate with you in any way possible, especially a way that is more susceptible to YOU, or the person they wish to engage with. You do have the ability to choose if you want to engage with them or not. But I find that when people are more open to the different dimensions, they will experience more over-lay of our layers everyone is tuned in to. What I mean by that is, you may be tuning in to a different frequency that which these spirits are on, and that is how you are experiencing these phenomenons. 

If you would like to know what they are trying to say to you, ask them, in any way that feels best. Mentally, physically out loud, spiritually, whatever feels comfortable for you. And then sit back and watch. You may not get an answer right away, but just be open to every possibility for them to reach you. So, when you are waiting for their answer, do not have a preconceived notion of how you will hear it. And you can even have a conversation with them in your mind if you feel comfortable enough :);) .

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