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Hey guys! 

So a few days ago my dad texted me about this beautiful college in Canada, and suggested me to go there since it is very cheap and top-ranked.

He also added that the college I want to go is very expensive and he won't be able to afford it (and I can't get a job or loan money cuz I'm not a citizen of that country)

I was very disappointed but then I never wanted to feel financially unstable.. so I decided to apply there.

Yesterday, my mom told me about how much money my dad ACTUALLy has and the fact that he CAN pay for my college. 

So right now my meaning glasses is saying that he does not care about me at all and all he cares about is his money

I lost passion and excitement for my future and college too

Okay, truthfully, I don't really have a question and I'm so frustrated right now and my future seems so foggy...

I would welcome any advices and I'm sorry if all of this didn't make sense I'm just really frustrated here.

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