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Ooti Nabatat

Everted Etymology/ Unlearn Everything You Were Taught?

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:5761df368a6b8_EmojiNatur-31:Antsy. It means impatient or restless. 

But if you look into the spirit/symbolism of ants, they represent patience:thinking-yahoo-emoticon:...hmmmmmmmmmmmmm

Anyone else have examples of inversions made by people in power or something you had to unlearn and relearn?


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Ohhoho... I have quite a few.  I had to unlearn that the world and it's people suck despite how much i loved people and this world initially, so i never bought into the whole idea for too long..  I also had to unlearn that foods like meat, dairy and eggs are not good for you.  Your doctors and such don't have your best interest in mind. ( Despite my older sister who graduated from med school and had her own home shop where she performed her holistic sessions [muscle testing] which went hand in hand with the plant based medicine she provided.  this was a time when me and my sister flourished the most.. soon my mother converted her into a JW and yet things act like nothing has changed within my little family dynamic.  i'm the only one effected.  =l )
When i was young, at least in the private of my own home, I became quite racist due to my patriotic older brother and my quite nationalistic and religious family(Father wasn't religious at all thankfully), the main religious one was my mother who soon got into the whole JW thing and pretty much poisoned everything from here on out, even had me hooked for a little while on that fake light.. I had to unlearn ALOT.  I was mainly a parrot to what the 'elder' on the podium spouted and many i had studies with (forced by mother.) couldn't handle my questions, etc.  I came into this world with the mentality of a scholar and philosopher.. xD in a world where education in most places was such a different thing than only a few decades ago.  I mean, many come out dumber than when they came in and it's also a playground for the egos, where senseless things go on, etc.. I can't wait for more schools to pop up that fit the description of what teal is going for.. bless her.. bless her..

They also had me very early on having to depend on them for everything, where i wouldn't last long outside of home.  I guess it's so they continued to hold some sort of worth while the rest of my seriously older siblings had moved out, except that one particular older brother.. ( oddly enough, this family is super close nit but cut off from a larger branch of the family tree due to some weird events i'm still not informed about.. I eventually got told some stuff but it's quite nonsensicle to me even to this day, but also how the entire group has alienated them due to some false or true accusations about my Older brother to my older nephew.  To which I slightly doubt also.. But I mean.. Some are homophobic for a reason, to hide certain tendencies and therefore be accepted, etc.. Just thought i'd say that as i began to realize this again.

Another result of these things i had to unlearn before I fully unlearned them was with the JW thing.. it really effected how i spoke to people, specially when certain topics came up.  I was fully aware even at these times and it bothered me quite a bit.. And alot of what i wanted to become didn't exist in that little cult of Enlil.  I started to get some validation to seal the deal when i started to watch videos to do on whistleblowing on this particular sect.

Alot of what i already experienced was also included which REALLY settled things for me, even though i was already not convinced at all, but after my mother made me go over and over.. things started to infect me, specially when slightly positive events would happen there... I'd open up and so much indoctrination would sneak it's way through my differences and i'm left with this numbness which mimics this gathering of love..  One thing that rose flags for me when i was super young was the fact that there was no keen interest in literature, etc.  Specially from a place like this.. Even i knew even by the ages of 11, that things were much much different in the past, even only a few decades ago, let alone pre history stuff!

I felt very bad for those kind souls who attended these meetings and the like.. because they were being lead around by their noses, having their fear preyed upon.  And I had no power in the matter at all.. i mean.. i could have done the work to become something special in that force to help undo it from the inside.. but as it turns out, the veils are dissolving on their own.

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