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This is just a little encouragement for people who are into manifesting.  It is by no means Earth shattering, but at least for me personally, it is a very small event carrying a very large dose of validation that we do, indeed, create our own realities.

I'm currently working on a very large-scale project aimed at achieving complete and total financial independence while at the same time creating a product that very accurately reflects my passion and my particular skill set in a way that is just perfect for me at this time.  Four days ago, I'm not sure what triggered it, but I suddenly had an overwhelming impulse that I do not need to complete the project or the current phase of it that I'm working on before I can see income begin to flow.  It was a major life shift for me at that time.  I was so overcome by it, I spent half the day just processing it and mapping out a new plan/paradigm for myself.  The last thing I decided that day was that I want to build confidence in my ability to manifest, and build it gradually through a steadily increasing (in magnitude) series of tangible results.  I remember sitting at my desk deciding to start with something completely meaningless and very tiny.  I decided that I would focus on creating an encounter.  I wanted to see a very pretty woman with yellow-blonde hair and have some kind of verbal exchange with her.  Even if it was just one word - and I really put a lot of focus on "even if it's just one word."  I live in a very small town and about the only time I get out is for my morning walks, and to visit the local Walmart.  So naturally I presumed the encounter would occur at Walmart - my walks are done right at sunrise and encounters there are minimal.  I fully expected that encounter to occur the same day.  It did not, and I promptly forgot about it.  Three days later, this morning, I was doing my normal laps around the lake at the park, and a very pretty blonde woman showed up out of nowhere.  She was behind me as her path and mine merged, and she even began jogging just to pass me.  As she passed, she said "morning!"  And I told her "morning" in return, and that was the end of it.  After she passed, I laughed quietly to myself.: not only did she appear, but we exchanged exactly one word, just like I focused on.  It is all just that sensitive.  Every detail matters.  And, as is always the case, the manifestation occurred at a time and place when I had absolutely zero expectation of it.  

Now I'm on to something just a little bigger: so-and-so event by so-and-so date.  I will post when it unfolds.

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