Any idea about these visions of places I am in and things I am doing ?

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One is where I am walking and behind me I am pulling (with both hands) what seems like a huge net which has objects caught in it. This is something I am doing all the time. And it is exhausting pulling this. But I only notice it is exhausting when I experience being negatively evaluated by someone, "You can't do XZY? that's so easy, anyone can do that, grow up". And it hurts a bit and I think, "if you could see what I am pulling". 

Another vision is where I am in a desolate place. I feel peace there, even though it is empty. It feels real, that's why I feel peace there, it's like that is the most real place I am. I sometimes get very brief encounters with beings who's presence connects with me in that place.

Another is of me orbiting earth, rather than being on it.

Another is of me permanently departing earth in a vessel. I feel an emotion of loneliness in that.

Does any of that mean anything ?

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6 hours ago, ASIAM said:

Does any of that mean anything ?

Sounds to me like you feel being pulled in different directions. Of course, it is exhausting. Your energy is scattered and maybe negative evaluation that you experience is just trying to bring your attention back to yourself.

Try to focus on the now. Invest into your own peace of mind. Then share that energy with your home - clean your space or maybe get something that you've always wanted but keep postponing , like a new plant or comforter. Your home is where you get nourished energetically the most. So the better you take care of it, the more it will give you back. In my experience, you should feel the results very quickly.

After that focus on the next most important task to the least. Not the easiest one, but the most important first  : X, Z or Y.

Hope this helps!

Bright blessings



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Thank you Garnet. I will keep that in mind. I really appreciate the part about getting present, in the now. I keep forgetting so much that I made that my name here, "As I Am". 

Im alright, just getting stuck in stories of thoughts and emotion; by the time come back to the now, I realise I was already aware when I was In he story of thought and emotion... And I wasn't enjoying it (as one way to put that).

I will check what you wrote again. 

In the now. 

Much love (((?))) 

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