Linda Ross

Spiritual And Mental Effects of Abortion

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Surprisingly (for a lot of people) 1 out of 3 women will have an abortion in their lifetime. Although it is a very controversial topic, I think it deserves more attention. I know Teal has made a video relating to abortion, but it needs to be more detailed, because so many women (and also men) have been deeply affected by it, but NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT IT... I would like to know the Karmic, spiritual, and mental effects that having an abortion does to a woman. Also, how could she get over the feelings of guilt and sadness related to it? How does she overcome the regret? Could she ever contact the soul of the unborn child? 

Please add your opinions as well :) 


Teal, please answer this! We need to make this topic LESS TABOO and bring it to LIGHT. So many women are ashamed and in deep pain. They need answers, and a feeling that they will be okay too. 

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Hi Linda,

i dont remember every detail of the mentioned video, but as a woman who had an abortion in my teens, maybe i can answer a part of your questions. an abortion is an action performed in this world, and as such, it is no different from any other action that may or may not cause trauma. emotional trauma. what affects the emotional aspect of being, affects spiritual and mental states too. for me for example, it was a real torment at that time when i had the abortion, that i saw myself stuck in a situation where the abortion as well as having the baby would mean experiencing death. i obviously chose to experience the death of that child that hasnt been born, and later, i did contact the soul that didnt come through me. i did that in a shamanic ritual, that is, a guided trance-meditation where i asked a friend of mine to do the drumming and guide me to a space out of time where i could meet that soul. what i found out was wonderful and it released all of the guilt i felt, because i found out that she had moved on and had not suffered from my decision. she had incarnated in another way and was happy to have met me and to be where she was at that time.

concerning all the other feelings that might occur, i found it important to do shadow-work. i became more aware of the patterns that lead to having to be in such an awful position where any decision would mean death and i became aware through shadow-work, that it is crucial to be fully present with one-self and follow the internal guidance. and so i decided to from that time on, i would commit to a life where every decision is based on integrity and congruency. it also in my opinion honours the soul of the baby best, when i do learn from that experience...

the emotions that result from taking such an action as an abortion are best addressed with complete presence, it doesnt matter really if the sadness and grief and guilt come from that or from any other circumstance.

i hope that gives you some clarification

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That was nicely said @Lilia

@Linda Ross it is a taboo topic and holds very deep an emotional trauma for many people, especially women. Individuals beliefs or environment that they grow up in will also influence how this impacts on the person. There are also debated whether the fetis is inhabit by the soul of the baby. Whether it is or isn't, it's the choice through free will that the mother makes the decision to abort. One of the considerations often associated with guilt is whether a life was taken, especially the life of a child. In the spirit world there is no judgement and that soul can find another way to incarnate. Importantly, for all those that are hold morale judgment on the doings of others, often fail to see that it is the abortion experience that that particular soul may have chosen. As we live in a society of judgement we tend to view things based on societal values and belief systems - naturally. However, the danger exists that society believes they always know what is right and has no respect for the experience of another, especially both the mother and child.

This is only another perspective as there are so many. I'm looking at a part of a spiritual perspective and have worked with many women in a small way that have been through abortion or miscarried. I'm only offering another aspect to the discussion.


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