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People who get periods

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When I get my period, I feel like I am being punished.  I don't know why. For being a woman? For not being pregnant? By 'god' for the sin of Eve (I was raised in a Christian household, so I'm sure there are some crappy subconscious beliefs within me about what being a woman means)? 

As someone who gets periods, what are your experiences with this and what is your mentality towards your menstrual cycle? I've just always accepted the fact that periods are painful, messy and just part of being a woman and they've never really bothered me, but my cramps have been getting worse by the month. I finally asked myself why this was, and my subconscious told me that I am being punished, but didn't say what for. I am going to do a completion process on it and see where it leads, but I'd really like to hear of your experiences. 


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I love having a period. If only you knew how beautiful your womb is, the universe inside you that creates life. I went through a phase where I was obsessed with learning about the sacredness that is the womb and to this day it is one of my favorite subjects.

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16 hours ago, lightworker said:

@nuia that's interesting. I've never *minded* getting my period, but I certainly don't love it. I'd like to though. Can you recommend to me any resources that helped you? 

I know, love is a pretty serious word to use and I thought about it for a moment when I typed it, but honestly when I see that patch of red, tears come in my eyes I get so happy. I feel more connected to the earth and my own femininity when I have it. This was a huge journey for me, I never had loving feelings about it before. The only time my mother really spoke to me about it, she asked if I had got it yet, because all my younger cousins had already got theirs. When I did finally get it, she was so old school about it, wanting me to use reusable cloth pads, no putting toxic tampons inside you, no going into the garden, no swimming, no going into cemeteries, rest. Now I know why you shouldn't do all those things, but she sounded crazy at the time.

I don't have any solid resources, because my method is that I get inspiration on a topic, google the crap out of it and depending on how excited I am on a subject, this one thought can be driving a research for weeks. Just set the intention, call on the universe to work through you in finding the answers and they are on their way. What was particularly helpful to me was to research menstruation from the perspective of all indigenous cultures. That way I found many different beliefs from around the world and took from them, what I felt to be true. You will find that menstruation is a very spiritual practice and this process of discovery is so healing.

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Hi lightworker,

I'd like to share my experience with you as it sounds similar, and you might find something useful in it.

I've had painful periods all my life and felt (and still feel when the pain really hits) like i'm being punished for being a woman. Only recently I've started looking at this whole situation from a conscious perspective, and i went into my childhood and remembered the first time I got my period and what happened around that period (nu pun intended :) ). And what I discovered makes perfect sense. Fathers and mothers are an important element in a woman's upbringing and your feelings on how they used to see your period when you were young are crucial. The way you were guided through your puberty is crucial. How did your father and mother react to you having your first period? I've got no memory of my father being around when it happened, for example. I used to feel very connected to my parents before my first period, but my father shyed away when it first happened, and i now realise how... guilty that made me feel :( As if there was something wrong with me. My first ever period wasn't painful, but the ones that followed started being more and more painful. I was creating my period pain due to the guilt i felt the first time.... and i'm still working on that guilt apparently because my periods are still painful. But since I opened this pandora box a few things started happening. I've started to truly feel that periods are telling a woman that she is healthy, that her 'reproductive clock is still ticking'. I've felt the usefulness of it and this has even made me feel more in touch with .. well.. everyone else. I feel more feminine, knowing that everything is alright with my body. I managed to master one of my period pains only with my mind, by reminding myself , whenever I felt pain, that the pain is there to attract attention onto something and not to hurt me! And the thought it attracts my attention to is 'blood is not death, blood is life'. What's your relationship to blood, btw? How does it make you feel?




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ooh. Love this topic. There's such a wide range of perspectives to add to the discussion... <3

I'm currently in a place where I love getting my period... honestly it's mostly because it feels good, and I think there's a part of me that kind of feels like a badass because of getting my period. It wasn't always this way, though, and I'll get into that some more.

Here's some fun facts:

In Native American culture, women were actually feared for having their periods... To men in their culture, it was a mystery that women could bleed every month and not die. Women were automatically seen as strong/as warriors for this very reason, and periods were revered by them.

Also, if you start paying attention to the moon (by avoiding blue lights at night time/keeping your circadian rhythm in check), your cycle will actually start to link up with the cycles of the moon! ( :o righttt??? i was so mind blown when I first found out about this). Supposedly, if you have your period during a full moon, it means your energy is more of a nurturing, motherly sort of energy, and if you have your period during a new moon, your energy is more of an independent, spiritual sort of vibe. If you want to regulate your circadian rhythm more, I'd recommend reading this article and downloading f.lux, an app for computers (and even phones and tablets if they are jailbroken).

Third cool fact about periods, is yoni water. If you can catch your period blood via a vaginal cup, and dilute that blood in water, and water a plant with it (especially a plant that's dying), it will come back to life! The healing waters from your womb are literally so powerful it will REVIVE a plant that otherwise would DIE. Teal actually wrote a blog post about it called Yoni... The Waters and The Way. (Teal got hers on a new moon, i didn't realize this the first time but this even clarifies the theory about new moon cycles even further) :rose-yahoo-emoticon:

My personal experience:

Having cramps used to make me hate my period and feel sad about being a woman... I felt trapped in my body. I also used to be SO flat chested and that insecurity made it hard to love and accept my femininity. It wasn't until I started to drink nut milk (but not soy milk, the phytoestrogens in it can mess with your hormones) instead of cow's milk that I completely stopped having cramps at all during my period**. Then, I was just like, "whoa. WTF is in milk." haha. But beyond that, something more profound was taking place... 

With no cramps any more when I got my period, suddenly I was able to see that I actually loved having my period... I mean... It feels good to have that flow. Like a river of life coming from your belly. Creativity reaches a peak when I am on my period. I also get pretty frisky (lol, sex drives definitely go up) and probably my favorite part is that I'm already wet down there so I am just SO game to play, I don't have to wait to warm up, haha not to be TMI ;) but for reasons besides just having the flow down there, the orgasms when I have sex on my period are just AMAZING like oh my god YES... when it's with someone who you can be completely yourself with in the bedroom. <3 Not to mention, peak time for manifestation when your period is in sync with the moon...

It's a total deal breaker for me, if a guy I'm seeing is gonna be a fucking pussy ass bitch and not have sex when I'm on my period. Honestly, treating my precious yoni like it's anything less than gold speaks much more about who they are as a person than it does about my body. If someone can't respect my body as sacred, they can jack off alone for the rest of their lives. Lol. (we're expected to be bitchy around our periods so might as well let em have it)

Like I had a friend whose ex boyfriend would NEVER go down on her because he was a germaphobe... but honestly that's so lame. Like... is he gay? lol

All joking aside though... I have often wondered what kind of messages that was sending towards her, about being a woman in general. About her body, about women's bodies. Even if not on a conscious level, I feel there are depths added to how she may perceive herself as being worthy. Even all these expectations that men squawk... Shave! Don't shave! Bigger boobs! Perky! Blah blah blah blah.

In the end, women have always ruled the world. Men are mainly in power because they attempt to take that power back by force. They do not recognize how weak their endless striving actually seems to us. So much time and energy has been spent  repressing our raw femininity that it cannot be any other way. The weak will often play on others insecurities to try and keep them in a state of powerlessness, self hatred, and ultimately, illusion. 

Remember that all negative thoughts that you have, were not originally yours. A baby does not come into this world hating itself... We chose to adopt those beliefs after a long time of being told we're not good enough, and believing it. 

Wow. This turned out to be a long post... This makes me want to write my own blog post about my journey. I also went through a womb phase, where I wanted to study the womb (my bf and mom were both freaked out at my fascination when it was happening, lol).

Anyways if you're still with me, thanks for reading! Sorry I rant, I tend to go off on tangents but I am SO passionate about this hehe. Hope you learned a lil something to help you embrace your own femininity :) We're warrior princess badasses by nature!


*Speaking of which, gynecology in america is kind of appalling... I would love to see improvements that are more holistic in the near future.

**dong quai is an adaptogenic herb, great for balancing hormones if cutting out cow's/soy/flax milk doesn't stop your cramps. I get that sometimes its a more complex issue though, but this worked for me.

***Also, coconut oil is great lube. lol ok sorry I'm done :D


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I'm not sure how I feel about my period. And since it's such a highly feminine thing, I feel like I should add that I don't feel like either man or woman really apply to me.

When I had my first period, I didn't tell anyone. There were already pads in the house, I only ended up telling my mom because I wanted to be sure new ones would be bought. But I never felt safe telling my parents anything personal so... it's not necessarily related to my period, I think.

I've had a few months two years ago where I ate healthy and I didn't even notice I had my period unless I went to the toilet and saw the blood. But other than that I've always had pain. I don't know what made the difference because I ate healthy for a whole year, and only a few months went by without pain.

It's about to start again, and on one hand I don't really care, on the other I just really hope it won't hurt. And that it won't leave me wanting to stay in bed for days. I seriously need more exercise, and I've been spending too much time in bed the past year.

I don't really know how to approach this subject within myself, mostly because I have no idea how I feel about my period.

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