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Guest amy f

Some musicians/songs I recommend

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Guest amy f

Samuel Proffitt,

Neulore- Don't shy from the light,


Mountains of the moon,

JP Cooper,

Richard J Aarden- Afloat, Vagabond,

Maldito- Alone made of Ice,

Hayden Calnin- Cut love (shortened),

Amber run- 5 AM, Kites, 

Aquilo- Almost over, Better off without you, calling me, Waiting, I gave it all part 2, 



Bon Iver,

Boats- Shallows,

Cry wolf,

Thom Byles- In your blood,

Joshua grey-Sanctified,




Novo Amor,


Riley Pearce,

Roo panes,

Ry X- Love like this,

The Eden Project,

 The Kite String Tangle & Dustin Tebbutt - Illuminate,

The Living Sleep - It Moves Through All Things,

The Westsides- Pacific,

Too far moon- Til my heart stops beating,

Tontario x Leo Islo - Coexist,

Trent Dabbs,

Twinbed - Trouble I'm in,

TYMELAPSE - We Became Strangers,

Ben Howard- Under the same sun,

XPLOR- Recover,

(if you like this music and want more artist like this let me know)



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