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Learn to feel, thats it

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Some time since i posted here.
Have been mostly on the facebook Tribe. Anyway so yea, i have had several realizations only by learning to feel clearer and to integrate fractured aspects.

If you want enlighenment then practice feeling sensations, feelings and emotions daily, period the end.
Developing your emotional intelligence is key here, and to validate that you got more than mental capacity. You also got felt capacity. Dont know how to sort out felt things? then put your brain to work to understand felt perception. Dont feel like it?

Then drop it. If you dont want to learn about something you wont take in the information as well or at all.

The latest sensing thing i found out is that i have cleared enough blocks and integrated enough stuff to be able to feel food items much more clearly. I can even have a conversation with the food.
heck i even had a felt talk with a plate i was going to eat on. Not mentally mind you, it was the language of feeling the interaction between me and the world around me.

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I feel Jealous. But i would definately try to practice it for a week at least to see what you are trying to do. Keep sharing how do you talk and what you talk

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Eh well it is more of an understanding and practice of felt perception. Just like normal speech, this too happens energetically or feelingly.
How many are aware of this felt interaction that is going on?

Thus they might say things that hurts unawaringly because they have no current awareness that it hurts to say such a thing. This is one of the paths i have went on. To consider how others and myself feel as much as possible, it simply was rarely given to me and so i practice giving this consideration to everyone and everything.

I do say practice because i still have my copings and issues with harsh behaviors. Got to be honest so i sound more down to earth human :P 

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