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Hey y'all 

I desire perspective on this question... is it possible to have more than one twin flame? And if so, can we all incarnate together in the same lifetime? 

If a soul can split in two, I feel that each half can continue to split.... I am in an interesting dynamic.... I have this connection with a girl I feel strongly is my twin flame, however she also has a connection with a girl who I feel may be her twin flame as well... and I feel a connection between me and this other girl yet we barely know each other and are not friends. Other girl and I have both been in  a relationship with the middle girl, and both relationships have been incredibly intense and transformative, painful, unearthing the deepest wounds, and have been doorways to powerful ecstacy and magic. 

Middle girl and I also have twin flame like relationships with our sisters... it's out there but I feel everything is possible and my situation certainly feels unique in this respect and very intense. 

Has anyone else experienced this? Thoughts, reflections? 



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is this a twin flame or unrequited love? to be able to even see your twin flame is to work on yourself and love yourself, almost master yourself otherwise you don't want to feel lack so you crave this relationship and hope a person is your twin flame. a twin flame is you(the soul inside you) incarnated in another body, so you are the same person, so they are already connected to you whether you are with them physically or not, you have the same soul if they are your twin flames or soul group/family.

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