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Today I very nonchalantly (as opposed to chalantly) clicked on a YouTube video where Teal was interviewed by phone.  It wasn't even on Teal's YouTube page.  It was about empowering empaths, but for me, at this particular time, it opened a floodgate of understanding.  Every word she said hit home.  

In my experience, there is no lack of information out there.  The issue seems to be our willingness to integrate and process that information, and for lack of a better analogy, it seems that (at least in my case) the preferred method is to beat the holy crap out of me until all the effective resistance is rendered unconscious.  Then a flood of understanding comes in.

Today was such a day.  It's not about Teal; it's not about her message - although in this case they were both an extremely potent trigger.

This is what I KNOW: nobody "does" anything to anybody.  Nobody is mistreated, abused, or done wrong in any kind of unfair way.  Things do not "happen" in life in ways that will impact us.  What we experience "out there" simply reflects what we're doing to ourselves.  There are no exceptions.  There are no cases where the system has broken down; where "this time is so extreme, something is obviously wrong with the system."  We have all probably run across our ultimate truth a thousand times.  We're just not ready to surrender to it as "the way things really are."  

I could write a hundred novels on so-and-so doing this to me, doing that to me, etc.  After this video, all of that just evaporated.  Just like that.  It's all framed completely differently from what it was.  They were props.  They were reflecting what I was doing to me.  Not sometimes, not "only for everybody else."  Every case, every time.  They were mirrors.  Nothing more.

We strive to be loved by those around us and to facilitate that, we adopt a false identity - I'm not like THAT because THAT would be weird, weak, stupid, whatever.  But we're already who and what we are!  When we stop the b.s. and truly integrate all aspects of ourselves, we are ALL weird, quirky, strange, abnormal, deviant, sick, perverted, evil, selfish, etc. etc.  We will never find peace in life until we make ourselves whole and that involves reclaiming all the pieces (aspects) of ourselves that we decided were not really us because of how others would judge or react to them.  We are so terrified of not impressing others, not being dominantly special, superior, gifted, etc. and the pursuit / honoring of that fear is what most of us build our entire lives around.  And we go through however many lifetimes figuring out that if we're strange, then we're strange, and that is who we are.  There is no mold to fill.  We are already purely ourselves.  We don't stop being weird and strange and quirky; we just lock it in a closet and try to make it without those aspects.  It never works.  

It's all about going back to square one: be who you are, do what you do.  It's like the infamous line from the Brady Bunch movie: "cut the CRAP, Jan!"

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