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Hi all have a question. Last night here where I live was a full moon and I decided before I went to bed to do a full moon meditation.  Nothing too exciting happened whilst I meditated but after I went to sleep about half hour I was suddenly taken back by something like a negative energy trying to suffocate me.  I was in a sort of dream state but I was trying to wake up but couldn't.  It was such a scary feeling.  I then asked arch angle Michael for his protection and I felt the negative energy go and I was able to wake up.  When I woke I looked up at the ceiling I saw images of spiders crawling on the ceiling I blinked at few times thinking it was just me half asleep but they were still there.  I got up out of bed and grabbed a glass of water from the fridge to process what happened.  When I got back to bed and layer back in bed I looked up around the ceiling and again there was spiders crawling on the ceiling and walls.  I even got up out of bed and tried touching the spiders and there wasn't anything physically there but still saw the spiders.  It scared the crap it off me as I haven't experienced anything like this before.  I layed back in bed and did another meditation For Protection and when I opened my eyes the spiders where gone.  Does anyone know wtf this all means???

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Hi, I was also seeing big black spiders in my room dangling from the ceiling, the wardrobe, the curtains especially at night. Besides them, there were some other things which I never liked. Actually, I am still not sure whether they were just halucinations or not. However, I do not see them for while now. This may be due to my clensing the room with incense and dumping all the clutter that was connected with negative experiences. 

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