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My thoughts....

If other people admire what you do or can do or know, that is ok for me.

But if it switches to adoration it gives big trouble after  while.

Cause if someone likes to know or learn the same as you can and he fails, his only option is to get you down to his level of awareness.

This can take extreem forms of fights/courtcases/backmail/hatred etc etc

Question: How to avoid extreem admiration or adoration taken from the one who gets it.

Cause the one who gives it cant help himself and that moment in time.

Well this is my view.........like to hear different views


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Tibor, I had this very thing happen to me. It ended in court with me fighting my local government in my defense. Jealousy turned to hate and eventually blackmail. Then when I defended myself , his corrupt cronies stitched me up big time. I have not worked since this ordeal of which went on for 2 years. It really tested my mind to the point of breakdown. I would be interested to see how others deal with people like that . I am still working on my defense strategy. It made me retreat into my shell ,I am a Cancer , and I have only recently ventured out. How do you curb your behavior and even more , how to tell someone is not good for you ? This man was my boss and even though he did not seem right to me , I was obliged to deal with him.

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