Let's gather our energies and manifest abundance and prosperity in our lives!!!

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Hello Tribers! ❤

The next full moon is on this coming Sunday, Oct. 16, at 12:23 a.m. EDT

I've been using this beautiful spell for many years and i would like to share it with you. Check your local time zones and let's gather together energetically (do not show up at my door, lol)   on Sunday and put a collective  force full of love and desire to manifest prosperity/abundance in our lives with harm to none!

I suggest to do heart chackra  meditation prior casting this spell to insure connection with the Source.

Add any lucky charms, amulets, rocks or whatever you have to multiply this energy!

After reading the spell 3 times, burn it and let the wind take the ashes. Use caution so you don't start  forest fire)))


Prosperity and Abundance spell:


Black Moon and White

Red Moon and Gold

The fullness of harvest brings riches untold

Energy to matter and force to form

Prosperity comes to us and savings are born

Silver and Mercury

Knowledge and thought 

Go into each purchase before it is bought 

Con men can't see us and thieves shy away

Our prosperity comes to us 

Each night and each day


So mote it be

So mote it be

So mote it be








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