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My name is, Paul James Barkhouse Jr, son too Norma and Paul Sr. Halifax Nova Scotia Canada.

My most currant beleave is that the work I currently am doing can save humanity in a way not seen before.

I feel the reason we as a species, are on this path is there was a fork then another.

In my personal daily practice removing structures from my body I now call our personal pillars.

Which cast shadows over our sole's this can be referred to as impactions, this is caused by our belief systems.

Like a cellular phone micro waves your head or hip if head set used our beliefs are the same this cosmic forging of mater builds mass.

So if you are what you eat what we believe we are, this private research has hyperextends the new view or "Truth" of our being.

As a Natural Path my work has been natural for me to be anything else will bare no fruit working with Fractal structures and symmetry.

The way we get this way is believing a non truth, the truth is here question is are you all ready for it... DON"T ( _ _ _ _ ) THE MESSENGER!

Teal Swan, thank you for sharing your bright and beautiful spirit you sound like poetry to my ears, I really should be paying you for your inspiration.

Much love and respect too you and those around you and there pets, 902.406.5194 my mantra is this, If it does not work for everyone, it don't work.

Putting together this process has been my hole lives work I have been practicing on myself testing for six years, as I reverse my aging

my mind has come into the light the truth.

I call it manual shadow work, my current age is fifty five years I ask how too release this huge story.

Some times it not what we take in, it's what we get out that matters?



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