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How to detach. Law of detachment

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I struggle with this a lot.   Sometimes.  Mostly it's unconscionce.   Though.  I can focus my awareness in my attachment to a specific goal.  Expectation or outcome.   Whether it's work or goal related.  Or if it's with a relationship.  Or something I get attached to.

I want to shift that.  And let go.    Yet there's resistance to my shift.    It's unusual.   

Id appreciate any advice.   

Aside from this main goal.  Letting go of the past.   Acceptance.  Admonishing my mistakes and folly.   

Seeking forgiveness.   Not receiving it.  And being ok with that.    Accepting these things and letting it free.  


Any advice. Greatly appreciated. I struggle with this. 

Detachment.  Or law of detachment is what I'm referring to.   Or simply becoming attached.  And it doesn't serve a purpose nor yield a very good feeling result. 

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