Scalar waves : how to deflect

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It seems what Tessla discovered about scalar waves is now used (possibly used)to harm our bodies and minds and control us. 

It can be used for healing, but this question/forum post is about protection of our health and even our thoughts from negative uses.

Teal mentioned once that some stones are the opposite frequency of disease.

Is there anything that is the opposite frequency of scalar waves......


Is there an effective shield(hopefully natural )?

I believe this to be an important health concern.

Thank you



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Scalarwaves are everywhere  they are responsible for 80% of electronic smog.

The mind and body do not have a firewall for this.

The worst scalarwaves comes from the mobilephones the 2.45Ghz is the worst one.

B.t.w. scalarwaves are biologicalwaves the are used by natur between threes animals cels stones to comunicate.

The technical made waves are dangerous ones.

But you can protect yourself against it,

Check this out.


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