What does being 'concious' mean or 'waking up' mean

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I hear Teal and lots of other people mention conscious and unconscious beings. I don't know exactly what that means and if I am conscious or not. I recall Teal saying only the conscious are going to survive this up and coming war and was pondering what it even meant to be conscious. Thank you in advance :)

And is it the same as a spiritual awakening? Because I hear a lot of people saying there are physical symptoms of a spiritual awakening and I never experienced that.

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being conscious  just mean being self aware. like I know I shouldn't eat this so I'm going to stop, and if I'm addicted I'm going to clear the layers there so I'm not addicted to that thing anymore. waking yourself up pretty much, its a conscious decision to do that, it doesn't happen to you, you have to do it. you're just working on yourself and the knowledge comes with it. the goal I guess is to connect back to your higher self and get your knowledge back, and if you don't know something and you ask for it it will come you in your outside reality which is still inside of you. I think the physical symptoms would be forcing you to change your diet and life style, when you're conscious you can't really go back to sleep.

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