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ok if you're not a fan I guess you can still view and post in the thread... just don't touch anything with your grubby hands


(georges most underrated song with the group. please do yourself a favour.)


My top 5 albums in order (though sometimes it shifts over time)

1. Abbey Road
2. Revolver
3. White Album
4. Let it Be
5. Magical Mystery Tour 


I would appreciate the sharing of your appreciation of the beatles. All posts, spamming of songs and discussion welcome. Memories, afternoons loaded on acid, whatever. 

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the only decent version that's on youtube. I saw an interview where she talked about Katy Perry and said that she was a starseed and someone who is for the enlightenment of human kind. I wonder if she would say something similar about The Beatles. They seem to have been a big influence in bringing meditation and spirituality to the west in the 60s. I know George Harrison was really spiritual. 


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