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Hi everyone!

Recently I have been thinking about the ways in which people discern compatibility between themselves and friends, partners, family members, colleagues, etc... But especially romantic partners. I don't formally or actively study astrology too much, but I have a friend who is very very into it and reads birth charts all the time. My only wiggly issue with astrology is that I feel that using such a tool is limiting in a certain way, as it can make people believe that they don't have free will or as though something is "set in the stars", and I find I see my friends dismissing potential partners on this basis, and I admit I also do sometimes despite my better judgement. I know astrology is used a lot to judge the compatibility between two people, but I was wondering if anyone had thoughts on alternatives to astrology, or any related thoughts on the subject. I am very curious to see what people think, and how you yourself gauge whether you are compatible with someone and if this is a result of intuition, wisdom, age, other factors, etc... 

Penny for your thoughts!

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